Don’t Be Afraid to Transfer Schools

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Don’t Be Afraid to Transfer Schools

This blog post was written by Julianna Bilton, our Campus Ambassador from Manhattan College.

Choosing the right college is a stressful endeavor during your senior year of high school. It is nerve-wracking to try to steer your career in the right direction and plan your life out. When entering college, you may soon discover that the decision you made may not be best for your career aspirations. Don’t fret; transferring colleges is not the end of the world.

There are various reasons why someone would choose to transfer schools. Sometimes transferring colleges is in the best interest of your future career. Perhaps you realize you cannot afford to attend that college anymore. There are some common fears in transferring:

- The fear of credits not transferring. You definitely do not want to fall a year behind in credits. What if you do lose a semester worth of work? Despite the extra expenses, there is not much to lose. You may have to sacrifice a couple of weeks in the summer to take classes. A couple of days off the beach are beneficial to your lifelong goals, I promise.

- Making friends will be harder since everyone has formed their social groups. This may be true in some circles of friends but college is all about meeting new people. There are plenty of people in college who love to branch out.

I transferred after my freshman year of college. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made. The career that I wanted to pursue was not for me. I did have some reservations and I often thought I should stick it out to reduce the stress. However, my fears were short lived.

Think your options through. My advice is: the sooner you decide the better.