Don’t be the, “hey you, go get me coffee “ Intern

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Don’t be the, “hey you, go get me coffee “ Intern  blog image

Don’t be the, “hey you, go get me coffee “ Intern

This blog post was written by Alexandra, our Campus Ambassador from Appalachian State University.

I started my first day at my internship a few days ago and before I even walked in the doors I made myself a goal that I would not be the “go get me coffee intern.” As I started my first day even before I could get told what to do I asked what they wanted me to do, and I proposed ideas on what I would like to do during my time with the company. I sat in on a few marketing meetings where the company was thinking of ideas to market and get there name out there.. As I sat in on this meeting I tired to throw some of my input out there and I got good feedback on my ideas.

When I got home I started some proposals of my own for the company and the following day I presented them to the marketing team at one of their meetings. When I presented my ideas I could tell that they were very impressed with me and instead of being the regular “get me coffee” intern work.

During my time this summer at the company I will make sure that I let my hard work ethic and creativity shine to make sure that I will not just be “that intern.” I think it is important that everyone goes into their internship with the mind set that they will be noticed and not just known or barely known as another intern. It is important to make a lasting impression with the company you are with so in the future if you ever need that company to write you a reference, you know it will be a good one.

Ways to make sure that you don’t end up being the “coffee” intern:

1. Don’t be afraid to throw out fresh new ideas, every input helps
2. Take the task amongst yourself and work on projects or proposals outside of your internship. This shows your employer that you are making the most out of your experience and that you are really dedicated.
3. Do NOT be afraid to interact and let your personality shine in your work. Employers like to see fresh creative minds, and keep in mind that is why you were hired too!