Don't Forget to Accessorize!

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Don't Forget to Accessorize!

This blog is written by Lauren, our campus ambassador from Montclair State University.

Adding accessories to your outfit finalizes your look and gives your outfit that extra something to show off your personality. That accessory could be anything from a scarf to a simple necklace that you wear. The same goes for when you are trying to sell yourself to a job or internship. You need to have something on your resume that makes you unique or tell the interviewer what makes you stand out from the other applicants. With the extremely competitive job market that we have today, you need to let the company know what you can bring to the job that will give you an extra edge. Here are just a few tips on how to accessorize yourself for the job:

  • Highlight a major accomplishment. On your resume, you should make sure to highlight any major accomplishments that you may have whether it be academic or at a previous job/internship. At one of my previous jobs, I was promoted to manager and held a lot of responsibility at only age 20. I made sure to note this on my resume to give myself an extra edge against another applicant.
  • Spend a lot of time researching the company. If you really want to make a good impression in an interview, spend extra time researching the company you want to work at. During the interview, answer the questions with relevant information to the specific job you’re applying to, if possible and show your knowledge of the company. Employers will be impressed that you went the extra mile and this can help to better your chances in getting the job.
  • Mention skills or classes that are relevant. When you do this, be sure to mention classes or skills that are relevant to the specific job you are applying to. If you mention classes that aren’t related, it is not going to have an effect on you getting the job. For example, when I applied for a marketing position at a fashion company, I mentioned that I took fashion marketing and advertising classes. This shows the employer that you are qualified to complete tasks related to the position.
  • Show your personality! Everyone has unique traits that will make you stand out from the next person. You’re selling yourself to the employer so you have to give them reasons why you’re the best candidate! You need to show enthusiasm and really convince them as to why they should hire you.

Good luck in your internship search and don’t forget to accessorize!