Don't Give Up: The Internship Soulmate is Out There

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Don't Give Up: The Internship Soulmate is Out There blog image

Don't Give Up: The Internship Soulmate is Out There

This blog is written by Ellie Weiss, our CA from Iowa State University.
Have you ever had those days where you are consumed by the thoughts that you aren’t good enough? That you feel like all of your peers are getting these awesome internships and you have yet to get one offer? Are you a bad interviewer? Does your cover letter just reek of nonsense? Did you wear your unlucky button down that day? Yeah, I have had those thoughts too. Whenever I go into an interview I feel so confident and that it is meant to be. But as a week or two pass, I get one rejection letter after another, a rejection email and if it’s my lucky day, I even receive a rejection phone call. I probably could have started a depressing scrapbook containing all of my rejection letters. It would have been a cool collection, maybe? We have all been there, done that; unless you’re awesome and have gotten an offer after every interview. I envy your swag. For all of us who are not as fortunate, do not fear; I firmly believe that there is a company out there for you; the perfect match, your career soul mate!

This past year I have been invited to numerous second and even third round interviews but just cannot seem to land that perfect internship, until last week. I was getting to the point where my gung-ho attitude for internship hunting was getting weary and fading fast. I felt desperate and unlucky. On one of those afternoons where I was hopelessly rereading and editing my resume, I received a phone call from my marketing club advisor. She asked me if I had an internship yet and with my crushed ego, I muttered “no”. She proceeded to tell me to send her my resume and briefly told me about this situation she had been presented.

Turns out she had been contacted by a local company in need of a marketing intern for the summer, who seemed to be in the same state of desperation as I. After she sent my resume to the company, HR invited me to an interview. I prepared just like every other interview I had ever been to except this time with a renewed sense of hope. During the interview I felt calm, but yet more excited to talk and share my experiences than any other interview I had been to. It felt right. The next day I got an offer. Finally, someone wanted me!

Looking back upon my sorrow, and the pile of rejection letters, I regret losing that spark for, what seemed like, the never ending internship hunt. I had always preached that what is meant to be will always find its way; I just wasn’t living by it. I am excited to start my internship in May and cannot wait for what the future holds for me within this company. Patience is a virtue and now I can honestly say, it was meant to be.

I hope my internship hunt saga helps those of you just like me, waiting and hoping for the phone call that ends in a “Can’t wait to start working with you”, instead of a “Good luck with your future endeavors.” But in all sincerity, good luck, interns and never give up!