Don't Let Time Slip Through Your Fingers!

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Don't Let Time Slip Through Your Fingers!

This blog is by our new campus ambassador Maferly!

Are you a student, and an employee? Are you trying to maintain an active role on campus, maintain an impressive GPA, and trying to keep a sane head on your shoulders all at the same time? Rushing to get everything done and wondering where did the time go? Find yourself wishing there was more of it? That famous hypothetical thought crosses your mind daily -"If only I had more time in the day." Do days seem to be moving faster and faster, and at the end of each day you are sitting in your room thinking to yourself, where did the day, week, month, even year go?! I&m from New York City, where everyone rushes to get to everywhere. Where the hours seem to mesh together and escape our very fingers. A city nicknamed &the city that never sleeps& because of our sleepless nights, and our refusal to accept that the day is over, not without finishing every task intended for that very day.

Sound familiar? Students everywhere attempt to multitask extensively beyond personal limits. We try to send emails while walking, study while chatting, and habitually attempt to do homework while updating our social network profiles since they are very dear and important to us. As students, we try our very best to succeed, but should we burn ourselves out in order to do so?

If you can work a full time job, go to school full time, continue to be active on campus, and maintain a GPA of 4.0, all with that dream internship, then, a round of applause, I commend you. Would you like to be my mentor?  Unfortunately, I cannot pull off that off.  I work and go to school full time, I am active on campus, try to sustain somewhat of a social life, all while trying to keep a high average. Have you noticed what was missing?   An internship.  Yes, THAT dream internship that can possibly lead me to THAT dream job in the future. Yes, that very internship.

If you are in a similar situation as I am, I implore you to think it over with me. What is most important to you, as a student, as an employee, and as an individual with goals? What is more important? To me, my future is more important! My goals and aspirations are the reason for which I am in school, why I am working so hard to juggle everything at once.  Financially, my job is also very important to me. Without a job, I do not eat. The question is: Can I afford to cut some hours from work and still be able to eat in order to make room for other priorities, life changing priorities? After making a budget, a very long pros and cons list, and talking it over with my family, I have concluded that I will go part time at work, and take advantage of the time I have now to acquire an internship. Have you taken similar steps? If you did, let me know what you decided.

Internships are extremely important! Networking, skills, and experiences are essential after our college years. If you feel like you cannot juggle that necessary job, classes, clubs on campus, and an internship all at once, my recommendation to you is to prioritize. Also, apply to internships that take place when you are on break from school. Apply for winterships and summer internships if you are taking classes in the spring and fall semesters. Take the time you are at school to focus on those classes connected with your major, and join clubs that are also connected with your major. Network with students who currently hold internship positions similar to the kind of internship you hope to acquire.  That new friend can even prepare you for future internships! Go ahead, give it a try, and do not take the time you have now for granted.