Don't Take No For An Answer, Get the Intern Queen to Your Campus!

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Don't Take No For An Answer, Get the Intern Queen to Your Campus!

This blog is written by our very own Intern Queen Inc. Intern Alyssa, and  SUNY Plattsburgh campus ambassador, who will graduate this December with a Bachelor’s in Business Management! She is applying for jobs in Public Relations and Event Planning!

Have you been trying to get the Intern Queen to your campus? I just successfully did so in a short amount of time. Through my long experience of finding sponsors to bring her to SUNY Plattsburgh anyone can do it if you follow what I did. Believe me in the end it all it will be worth it, I promise.

First- you need to find one or several organizations/clubs to sponsor the event. The best thing to do is if your in a club or organization to approach the ones that you are in as it is easier that way being they know you on a personal level and it will be easier to get someone you know to sponsor an event, rather than convincing a stranger. If you start with one and you cannot get enough of the funds my second route was to reach out to the different departments on campus like the Career Center, School of Business and Economics, other clubs and organizations. When doing this make sure not to scare the organizations away by telling them the whole amount for the event simply say "would you like to co-sponsor?" With that being said that means they can contribute any amount for example my co-sponsors to bring Lauren to SUNY Plattsburgh were the SBE, Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Epsilon Phi and the Plattsburgh Fishing Club which all the amounts together totaled $215. This was a great start but I needed to then move on to plan 3 which was to apply for student involvement grants through the Student Association. Go to the Student Association on your campus and they are very helpful and knowledgeable with helping you to achieve your event goals. In my school there are four different grants that you can apply for, the Alumni Association, College Auxiliary Services, Wellness and the President. Through these they all have different requirements for applying for the grant, so make sure you read the requirements carefully. Lastly, after you hear back from the grants to see the amount awarded, if you are still short the Student Association has allocation applications in which you can apply for as well. With this you have to go to board meetings, and Senate meetings to convince the SA why they should award you the money, (this part is the easiest part of it all because everyone needs internship experience, so you just prove your point by getting a static of all the majors on your campus that either require an internship to graduate or you say that in order to get a job you need the experience you would gain in an internship.) After that you&ve sold them! Great thing about the senate meeting is they approve the amount right then and there is no waiting to hear back. So you can celebrate after all the senate members say "yay"!

Second-As soon as you get a confirmation that you have fulfilled your budget needs you will then have to book a room, make sure you do this ASAP as they are several events on campus always going on. Depending on how many people you want to attend/ the event type you want to have. Make sure depending on which event she is coming for you put in a request for equipment like a microphone.

Third-Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! This needs to start as soon as possible as well. I will give a detailed plan of what I did on my campus which has just about 6,500 students and there are different ways to advertise on every campus. I started with designing a flyer specific for the event, the Student Association on my campus has a graphic designer in which I used.  Make a Facebook event and send it to as many clubs, organizations, and other Facebook pages for your school.

-My campus does advertisements on the computer screen savers, so I put the flyer in for that

-Flyers put up in every building on campus, even the dorms

-Sent emails to clubs/organizations/and Greek life

-Emailed deans of schools, head of departments, and sectaries asking them to reach out to the students of their departments to help spread the word about the event (some professor like to offer extra credit to students if they go to events)

-TV and billboards throughout campus listed the advertisement

-Announced among the Daily Digest on my campus

-Reached out to the Student Support Services, and EOP departments as on my campus students are required to attend a certain amount of social and educational event a semester on campus.

-Contact local newspapers, both college if there is one and town/city schedule an interview

-Res Life to have the RA&s & RD&s put up flyers and even make it a floor event

-Career Center

-Student Activities, will promote among other events as well

-In my dining halls they have table toppers with the events going on that week, so I requested to add it to that

-Announce among the classes you are in

When I say anyone can do it, I mean it. I started at the end of August and the Intern Queen is speaking today October 24th on my campus. I did this all with some help of those in the Student Association and Student Activities on my campus. I worked very hard to bring her here, and now I can reward myself with a successful turn out. If you have any questions please comment below I&d be more than happy to share any other tips and answer questions.

My last words of advice, GOOD LUCK & DON&T GIVE UP, DON&T TAKE NO FOR ANSWER!