Dont Worry, Be Happy..At Your Internship

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Dont Worry, Be Happy..At Your Internship

This blog post was written by Grace, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Hofstra University. If you attend Hofstra and are interested in blogging for us, leave a comment below!

Dream internship, check. Fabulous work wardrobe, check. Flawless internship experience, eh not yet! Read on for some tips to have the best experience!

Treat Everyone Equally

This was probably the hardest obstacle I had to overcome at the start of my internship. I was surrounded by talented editors who had so much experience. I was intimidated and became quiet. But then I realized there was no point to it. Your supervisors are there for you, to help you grow and to answer your questions. That’s why you’re interning in the first place—to gain experience and to network. Don’t let your shyness stop you from doing so.

Make Friends

Having buddies is not only good networking, but also a great way to make friends. Don’t treat them as competition—they’re on your level and probably feel like you. So, hang out for lunch, go out shopping, get to know them and gain a great friendship!

Think Ahead

Doing your work correctly and quickly is great, but try to keep busy after you complete a task. Not sure what to do next? Ask around the office if anybody needs help. There have been days when I’ve been free—no work, no one needed help when I asked. So, I decided to think ahead and schedule future posts for a blog on the magazine’s website. I also think of ideas to bring up at the next pitch idea. Being free isn’t always a bad thing!

Happy Interning!