The Do's and Don'ts of Cover Letters

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The Do's and Don'ts of Cover Letters

This blog is written by our new Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Laura, from Clemson. If you attend Clemson and want to blog for Intern Queen please comment here!

First impressions are extremely important. We have heard that our whole life. But how does that translate into the working world? Some might say that first impressions at an interview are crucial, and I agree. But many times you have to first impress your potential employer with your cover letter and resume in order to get asked to an interview.

One of my bosses, Kim Banks, wrote a great post on our company blog a few months ago about cover letters. She agreed to let me share a few of her tips with other interns for my blog post. Here are a few tips she suggests for hopeful job candidates…

Don’t tell them they should hire you because…

  • You need a job
  • You need money
  • You need internship credit

While those things may be true, that’s not why they should hire you. Think about what you have to offer them, not what they have to offer you.


  • Know what the company does
  • Tell about recent successes you may have had – and how you can contribute to their workplace
  • Tell them how you have worked hard and gone the extra mile in one of your classes
  • Compliment them. Do you like their website? Enjoy reading their blog? Think they do a great job with their Twitter or Facebook account? Tell them!
  • Spell their names right.
  • Read the company blog if they have one. It shows you not only researched the company itself, but you also dug deeper to catch a glimpse inside the day-to-day activities of the office.
  • If you attach a resume, title it with your first and last name- not just “Resume1.doc.”

I hope these tips were as helpful for you as they were for me. Do you have any other tips you have found particularly helpful?