Dream Internship: A Word to the Upperclassmen

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Dream Internship: A Word to the Upperclassmen

This blog is written by Mary, our Campus Ambassador from Quinnipiac University, for all you upperclassmen out there!

When I was working at the Student Involvement Fair the University has every fall earlier in the week, I met a lot of upperclassmen who were totally frantic.  “I’m a Junior and I have nothing on my resume. HELP.” It was a common theme.  One girl told me that she was going to get involved because this was “her year.”  She had no internship experience and no involvement to put on her resume, but she was still hopeful.

This girl had a great attitude even though, for whatever reason, she was a bit behind.  So to all of my upperclassmen hitting that HOLY-CRAP-I-NEED-A-JOB wall—you can climb right up it and bounce back.

Get Involved. You still have time.  Jump in with two feet and be willing to work.  Sign up for an organization well known on campus, like a Student Programming Board.  Or take an opportunity to work with a lesser known organization and build it up! Whatever you decide, do something challenging.

Attitude is Everything. Like the girl who was so positive about joining my organization, be willing to learn!  You might find that doing something you wouldn’t normally be drawn to is actually one of your strong suits.  The more you try, the more qualifications you have to put on that Holy Grail referred to as a resume.

Talk to People. I fell into a lot of my projects through word of mouth or just casual conversations with other people.  You never know who’s looking for someone just like you to lead a team project or run an event.  The more people you know around campus, the more connections you have for when you really need them.

Have Fun. Doing something you hate is meaningless if you don’t love it.  If you don’t want to schlep all the way to a meeting in the snow at 9pm at night, don’t.  If the passion for an organization or project is there, you’ll enjoy even the most menial tasks.

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