Early Bird Summer Internships!

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Early Bird Summer Internships!

It’s officially summer internship time! Well, at least it’s time to start looking for that summer internship. Like every Thursday, I want to highlight some really cool internship opportunities that I think you should start applying for. Now, summer internships are a bit special because it’s the only semester where I see that a lot of students are traveling to other places to complete the internship of their dreams!

Here at InternQueen.com we have lots of resources to help you land that dream summer internship. I’ve said this before but, some of my best internship memories were during the summer. I always dreamed of interning in LA and NYC and I was able to do that during the summer because as you probably know by now, I lived and went to school in Florida.

Apart from sharing these really cool internship opportunities I want to give you some resources to help you. First, as you probably heard earlier this week, we launched our very first IQ Exclusive Package. This is an exclusive 40-minute video where I am guiding you step by step on what you need to do to land that summer internship. Right now is the perfect time to start applying and getting things together and I’m showing you how to do it. Plus, I’m also sending you an exclusive IQ package with some of my favorite items! To get yours just click HERE.

Second, you already know about my YouTube channel. I have tons of short videos to help you out there too! Make sure you are subscribed HERE.

Finally, check out the list of early bird summer internships and start applying today!


PR/Marketing internship at Wetherly Group

PR internship at Underhaus

Analytics internship at Caleres

PR internship at Factory PR

PR internship at Amp 3 PR

PR internship at Katz PR

PR internship at Miles High Productions

International internship program with The Intern Group in Hong Kong

Fashion internship at Findings Inc.