Easy or Rigorous: Why High School Classes Matter

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Easy or Rigorous: Why High School Classes Matter

This blog was written by Sierra our High School Ambassador for Lee M Thurston High School.

With Back to School season in full fledge, we students are wondering which classes will be on our schedules. We vaguely know what to expect; a couple of electives (or “fun classes”) and cores (or “work classes”). We have two roads to choose between when picking core classes. There are the rigorous classes such as AP, IP, or Honors, and regular speed classes. But choosing which road to take isn’t as easy as it seems.

Why is the choice so hard? For many, the choice is to take harder classes and struggle or easier classes and breeze through the year. So how do we know what which is better? By taking harder classes, there’s the possibility of college credit, early graduation, and something nice to put on college applications. With easier classes, there is less homework, less stress, and a better chance for good grades. Making a decision can basically outline the rest of your school career.

I decided to get some input from my peers on the issue. “This is seriously a hard question because I think about this all the time,” says Jornay, a junior at my school. “It’s times like these where you really have to listen to your own heart.”

After polling my peers of Facebook, it turns out that 73% of teens asked say that struggling in harder courses is worth it, while 26% say easier classes and spotless grades are the way to go.

“It depends on what struggling is. If it’s passing then it’s worth it… if you’re not passing sometimes taking the easier way out is best,” says Keirra, a junior.

“Struggling is better because once you succeed, you&ve gained so much than if you breezed through the class,” says Reggie, a senior.

The Verdict?

To me, there is no one right answer. Everyone has a different brain, and different learning styles. I believe Jornay said it best, it’s best to step out of the crowd and do what is truly best for YOU.