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Searching for an intern? We have you covered. This package is the perfect starter package for a small or mid-sized business OR for a business who wants to test our platform! Post 1-3 listings over the course of 3 months. To help your listing get in front of students, we'll promote on our insta story and work with you to promote the listing! We're excited to start working together!


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Welcome to our community! With the silver package, you can post under 10 listings and you have access for a full year! This is great for companies that have a handful of listings to post each semester. We will share your listing on our Insta Story (which gets tons of views), give you full access to our customer support team, and work with you to promote your listing so that you find qualified candidates all year long! We do request that you follow the school semesters when posting! 

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Gain unlimited access to our network for one full year. We are happy to host your listings (as many as you want) all year long. This is great for larger businesses who have several different positions to fill in one office or in several! With this packge, we'll also include your listings in our Intern Queen Hot List (email blast) which goes out to over 60K students. We'll garauntee placement in two of our newsletters. We'll also promote on our LinkedIn Page, Twitter Page, and Insta Story! We can't wait to work with you! 

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Working with Intern Queen has been a pleasure. The site has amazing candidates and we were truly impressed by the level of personalized, customer service from Lauren and her team. Thank you Intern Queen!