Enjoying College On a Budget!

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Enjoying College On a Budget!

Meet Michelle, a guest blogger from FSU.

A college budget can be tough to stick to. Going out a few nights every week can really add up! Luckily, there are ways to keep your stomach and your wallet full! Try any of these ideas with your roommates and friends.

Cooking: Miss mom’s cooking? College doesn’t have to be all about pizza and frozen dinners. Cooking with your roommates can be fun and will definitely save you money (the money you will need to buy that gorgeous clutch you’ve had your eye on for weeks, that is!) Make it even more fun by having themed dinners like: Spaghetti Sunday, Taco Tuesday, or Fish Fridays! Think you’re a terrible cook? No biggie, Tiajuana Flats has you covered for Taco Tuesday’s for just $5!

Crafting: Decorating your apartment can be pricey. Try putting your own flare into your home décor by crafting it yourself! Get together with your roomies and friends and come up with some awesome things to craft, head over to your local craft store, and get to it!  Make an original corkboard out of some old wine corks, decorate picture frames, or even collect flowers and simply put them in a vase! It will be fun to do together and will make your home away from home feel much more cozy!

Game Night: Ever heard the expression ‘laugh until you cry’? Let’s just say, my roomies have me in tears every time we have game night! Bring your favorite old board games from home (your mom doesn’t need them gathering dust in the closet anyway!) and stay in for a night of child’s play. Loaded Questions, Catch Phrase, and Scattergories are a few of my favorites! The best part about game night is that it is totally free!

Have some even better ideas? Comment below and let us know! Happy saving!