Enrich Your Freshman Year

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Enrich Your Freshman Year

This blog was written by Brittaney Lynch, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst.

Congratulations! You are now almost halfway through freshman year. You’ve probably already experienced the butterflies in your stomach on your way to your first class or the late nights spent doing endless amounts of homework. You’ve made new friends and gotten used to your campus, but what’s next? It’s time to get involved! Whether it’s on-campus or within the community, it’s never too early to start aspiring toward your goals for the future.

1.) The best place to start is your campus’s student union/activities center or website to find out information about organizations your college offers.
2.) Be sure to pay attention to fliers and emails. They could describe a club, activity or group that sounds interesting to you.
3.) Try joining something that you wouldn’t usually consider. You may love it!
4.) Don’t worry. If there isn’t an opportunity on-campus that fits you, there are always opportunities off-campus whether it’s an internship or volunteering.

Go ahead and write an article for the newspaper, run for student government, try yoga or join the Marketing Club. Make the most of your college experience. Every bit of involvement helps you in the long run. Not only will your involvement better your experience and look great on your resume but it will also give you access to new friends and connections. There are so many fun and enlightening opportunities out there, so why not start now?