Everyone has their first day, Even a Disney Princess

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Everyone has their first day, Even a Disney Princess

This blog was written by Caitlyn our Campus Ambassador from University of Louisville. If you attend Louisville and would like to blog for us, comment here!

Last January I got the opportunity of a lifetime to do a costume management internship at Walt Disney World. It was a chance for me to be in a new town, in a new city, doing a job that I had zero experience with. While I was so excited to get a chance to live a completely different lifestyle than I was used to, doing something new and exciting, I have to admit I was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life! I was scared to live so far away from home, scared I wouldn’t be able to learn the job fast enough, scared that everyone would be better than me, and scared that I wouldn’t fit in or have enough fun.

While all of these fears are normal and almost expected in starting a new internship it would have been fine with me if I bypassed the beginning jitters of this new chapter in my life! Unfortunately, I could not bypass this phase but I did learn a little something that helped me through the start of my internship.

The first few days of my internship were simple training and traditions classes to get to know the job I would be doing the next five months, but nonetheless it was a new environment I was walking into completely blind. The one thing that I wish I would have known before jumping into my internship was that everyone has their first day! The main thing that shook my nerves was all the worrying that everyone who already worked there knew everything and I was going to be the new kid always a step behind.

What I learned was everyone has been the new kid, we have all had our first day, and everyone remembers what it is like. People will realize you are going to be nervous and that you won’t remember everything you learn from your training. There was always someone there for me when I needed some help or needed someone to answer my questions. Most of the time people were glad to help me out and sympathetic towards me being new.

I think most of your jitters will come from the unknown and the only way to get over it is to learn and grow in your internship. Be respectful, listen carefully, make some friends you can go to when you have a question, and have fun while you learn your job. The more you put into it the more you will get out and it is hard to be nervous when you are having fun! Remember everyone had their first day once and they were probably just as nervous as you are now! And if all of that doesn’t work simply remember to breathe—everything will be okay!!