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Fake Your Fitness

This blog post was written by Michelle, our Campus Ambassador from Florida State University.

We all say it, “This summer I am working out every day!” Right, until the first day of summer arrives and your best friend calls and says, “Let’s go to the beach!” Admit it, you get out of bed and put your swimsuit on….NOT your sneakers. We’re all guilty, so I’m here to tell you how to fake your fitness. The key to looking great in your bikini is choosing the bikini that caters to YOUR body. You call this cheating, I call it genius!

Heart shaped: Bigger on top
• Halter tops create a lengthening affect & create the illusion of more narrow shoulders
• Cheeky bottoms will create the optical illusion of a bigger bottom
• Ruffles around the hips will enhance your curves

Target workout: Pump some iron with those arms! Remember, when toning, you want to use LIGHT weights (3-7 lbs.) & do more reps (3-5 reps)!

Pear Shaped: Bigger on bottom
• A top with ruffles will add curves to your top half
• Bottoms with a higher waistline will hold your hips in & showcase your waistline
• Darker solid colored bottoms paired with a colorful top will create a slimming effect
• Avoid patterns on your bottoms

Target workout: Squats, lunges, & jumping jacks

Hour glass
• Combine the tips from the heart shaped for tops & the tips from the pear shaped for bottoms & hit the beach!

Target workout: Weightlifting & cardio equally divided