Fall Internships You Need to Apply for Today!

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Fall Internships You Need to Apply for Today! blog image

Fall Internships You Need to Apply for Today!

I know the weekend is upon us and many of you are probably making plans to hang out with your friends and family already but, I wanted to quickly take a moment to share all the cool opportunities that are still looking for Fall interns!

I've already gotten some emails from you guys telling me how excited you are to have landed an internship and can't wait to start soon but, for those of you who are still searching (or that just began to search) check out the list of available internships below. 

P.S. These are all really cool companies that would look amazing on your resume! Send in your materials this weekend and let me know what you apply for :)

Editorial internship at YSB Now (Virtual)

Social Media internship at YSB Now (Virtual)

Photo/Graphic Design internship at YSB Now (Virtual)

Event planning internship at Sequence Events (NYC)

Business Development/Advertising internship at Walrus NYC

Marketing internship at Havenworld Worldwide (Virtual)

Marketing internship at Koletonics (Maryland)

PR internship at Factory PR

Social media internship at Ninos Del Lago (Virtual)

Editorial/Social Media internship at The Holiday Girl (Virtual)

Marketing internship at The Holiday Girl (Virtual)

Video Development internship at The Holiday Girl (Virtual)

Writing internship at Elite Daily (NYC)

PR internship at Camron PR (NYC)

PR internship at Powell Communications (NYC)

Fashion/PR internship at The Bromley Group (NYC)

PR internship at PMBC Group (LA)

Events internship at La Forma (NYC)

Business/Real Estate internship with Dani Behr (LA)

Digital marketing internship at Foodstirs (LA)

Editorial internship at Redbook Magazine (NYC)