Fall Must-Have Fashion Trends & Accessories

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Fall Must-Have Fashion Trends & Accessories blog image

Fall Must-Have Fashion Trends & Accessories

This blog was written by Molly Dodd, our Campus Ambassador from Southeastern University.

A good accessory is like the icing on the cake to any outfit, whether at your internship or around town. Along with the chilly weather, this fall has blown in some hot, must-have fashion items and accessories for any wardrobe.

1. Burgundy/Deep Wine/OxBlood: This dark and fabulous color is trending because of its accessibility and its popularity. This color compliments a range of skin tones, and can be worn in a cute bag, scarf, or pair of colored jeans.

2. The Arm Party: The ever so popular stacking of bracelets has made a name for itself this fall. It gives you the freedom to be creative, and stack as many or as few as 3 bracelets and a watch to accentuate your outfit.

3. Metallics: Who doesn’t like to sparkle and shine? Metallics offer a little bit of both, while keeping your look classic and elegant. Whether you are sporting the look in a fancy evening gown, or a pair of metallic pumps, enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

4. Riding boots: The equestrian look is back, and trending in the form of chestnut or chocolate colored riding boots. Most frequently paired with pants/jeans, these boots are perfect for fall weather, and dress up an outfit.

5. Patent Leather: Leather is back from its most popular appearance from the 80’s, and making its comeback through leggings, jackets, and of course, shoes. It can add that splash of playfulness to any outfit!

6. Prints on Prints: This look is definitely adventurous. Prints can range from Aztec to floral, and can come in a variety of colors. If you are not confident pairing prints, look to designers who create the look for you with dresses or shirts with multiple prints included in the one piece.