Fashion for a Cause: Giving back in Style

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Fashion for a Cause: Giving back in Style blog image

Fashion for a Cause: Giving back in Style

This fashion blog was written by Sarah Pontius, our Campus Ambassador from the University of California Los Angeles. Twitter handle: @sarahlpontius

I remember watching those Project Runway episodes where the contestents would have to design an outfit out of garbage bags or paper, and wonder why the judges would make the contestants do that. Then, I realized that you could make an outfit out of anyone’s trash, and that the judges and creators of the show were trying to bring awareness to how much we waste in a year, and how we can help reduce waste by wearing eco-friendly fashion. Here are some items you can buy now that will help save the environment and make you look fabulous as well:

1. “Infinity Scarf” by Forgotten Cotton: This circle scarf can be worn so many ways, and the upcycled jersey it is made from, make it comfortable as well. $18.00

2. Jusani Couture Shirts: When you buy one of these adorable shirts, Jusani will donate money for a sheltered animal to receive shelter, food, and medicine until they are adopted. $22.00-52.00

3. “Sleveless Mod Tunic” by Trainquilit: This beautiful dress is made out of recycled cotton and is flattering on all shapes. $78.00

Now you can wear a flattering outfit and help the world while doing it. There are many sites to help with your search to save the world one item of clothing at a time like;; and