Fashion Firsts

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Fashion Firsts

This blog post is written by Paola, our campus ambassador from UT-Austin.

You got the internship, you've prepped, bought supplies, researched the company, now what? You have yet to choose the outfit for your first day. First impressions are crucial, and you want to look good for those who may be your co-workers or bosses in the future. As an intern, the dress code can get confusing, you have to be ready for any task you may get yet still look presentable. So here are some fashionable tips to succeed and impress!

One of the staples for my intern wardrobe are black jeans. Black jeans go good with everything, are comfortable, and you will never look entirely under dressed. Combine them with a cute top or a sweater and you are good to go.

The second staple in my intern wardrobe are ballet flats. Although high heels and their extra inches are fabulous you never know what your day may bring. Opt for some comfortable flats, in any color you wish, to combine with your outfit.

The third and final staple in my closet is a tote. This big bag is one of the best inventions ever made for a woman, so put it to use! These come in handy to store your laptop, iPad, phone, notebook, camera, or anything else you may need and still look chic.

These three fashion musts will never let you down and keep you looking your best. If you need a few ideas I created a styled intern set which you can see in the picture. Happy styling interns!