Fashion for the Male Intern

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Fashion for the Male Intern

This guest post comes from our Campus Ambassador Andrew Gregor who is a freshman at University of Hartford.

This one is for all the male interns out there just like myself. When I was chosen for
my first internship the first thing I thought about was what are interns expected
to wear? Can I wear jeans? Should I tuck my shirt in or does that even matter? Do I
have to shave? I was immediately worried about my first day.

I decided it would be best to dress up rather than down, and then plan my future
outfits based off my first meeting with my boss. It was a good thing I came in looking
my best because that is what he expected from then on. I decided to wear a black
blazer over a blue button down shirt tucked into a pair of black dress pants and my
signature black and pointy dress shoes. Everyone in the office was impressed on
how serious I was taking my internship, and they were just basing that off what I
was wearing. It truly does matter what you wear because it is your first impression
to others.

So guys, here are a few tips for you and how to visually succeed at your internship!
First, pick up your iron and realize it is your best friend from here on out. It would
not be appropriate to walk into the office one day and have your wardrobe full of
wrinkles, you never know who could be coming into the office that day. Also, if you
were wondering if jeans are acceptable, it truly depends. At my internship it was ok
to wear them on occasion, as long as they were appropriate. My advice would be not
to wear them until your boss gives you the green light. Do not, and I repeat, do not
wear shorts. My internship was in the spring and I was tempted to wear them all the
time due to the hot weather but they are simply too casual for the office. My last tip,
and it is very important, is to clean up your beard. I personally prefer to have little to
no facial hair so I wasn’t as worried, but if you have facial hair make sure it is shaped
up and looking neat.

If you follow my simple tips on how to dress for your internship you are sure to
impress everyone at the office!