Fashionable Tweeting

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Fashionable Tweeting

This blog was written by Kristianne, our campus ambassador from Arizona State University!

Social media outlets are one of the easiest ways to get involved in the fashion industry. They are not only a great way to stay up to date on all of the latest fashion news, but they are also a fun and less intimidating way to network with other people who are successful in the industry, and even with those who may be working toward a similar dream career.

Twitter is one of my favorite sites to use to network with other fashion bloggers, “PR girls” as they call them, photographers, and the like. The novelty of this social media network is that unlike Facebook or MySpace users can follow another user’s feed by simply clicking “follow.” Twitter also allows you to look at the followers and followees, if I can make up a word, of other users—making potential networking connections seemingly endless.

You may be wondering how all this following is actually going to help you get ahead in the industry. Well, now that you have a feed full of fashion savvy tweeters it is time to get connected.

  • Mention your favorite fashion houses or fellow fashion mavens in a tweet about how much you love their style—more often than not they will return the favor with a follow or @mention. (Getting your name out there.)
  • Fashion is a word-of-mouth industry; pay close attention to what your fashion colleagues are saying. They are people too, they Tweet to their friends just like everyone else. (Hint: events, job openings, behind the scenes pictures, internships etc.)
  • Fashion industry professionals enjoy being connected or they wouldn’t be on Twitter. Take advantage of it and ask questions about the industry, respond to their tweets, and most definitely ask for advice. (Build those relationships.)
  • Re-tweet and compliment like your life depended on it! (It’s a form of flattery and flattery can get you very far in the fashion industry.)
  • Follow Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen, @internqueen for all the best fashion internships and internship advice. (Of course!)

Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve get to it and let us know who you are connecting with!