Favorite Apps to Stay Productive

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Favorite Apps to Stay Productive

I was recently interviewed by Randi Zuckerberg. She asked me a ton of career and internship advice questions (typical). The interview went really well and I answered every question without much hesitation. The final question she asked me was, “What is your favorite app? What is the app you can’t live without?” I was silent. I hardly use apps besides Instagram and Google Maps. I really didn’t know what my favorite app was. And so, I asked my Intern Queen Network and set out to discover the apps that keep my network the most productive. Clearly, I’m downloading these today! I hope you enjoy this list!

Reyna Cazares- I just downloaded a workout app developed by Popsugar and it's called Popsugar Active. It's supposed to track along your progress and has workout videos in it.

Merideth Ketterer- Evernote!

• Hannah Work- The calendar app to write down all of my appointments!

Morgan Epperson- Microsoft OneNote!!!

Rebecca Jeannick Ndawana- I use EverNote for notes, Wunderlist for long term to do lists and projects, any do for short term to do lists, Dropbox for my documents and of course my calendar app...

Lily Holeva- I downloaded Couch to 5k to help get me started running again. I've used it before and I love it even for someone who seriously hates running! Makes it easier to fit in exercise even with a busy schedule.‬

Kristie Golem- Mint!

Cindy Nguyen- I recently got Evernote. Perfect way to type up blog post drafts on the go! I love how it syncs to all my tablets and laptops as well through one account.