Feel Good and Look Good While Doing It

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Feel Good and Look Good While Doing It

This blog post is by Stephanie Saccente, our Campus Ambassador from San Diego State University. You can follow Stephanie on twitter @itsstephxo.

Many of us put just as much thought into what we're going to wear to the gym as we do with our outfits for the day. How I see it, when you look good, you feel better about yourself and that will only make you more motivated to perform better. Wearing the perfect pair of booty shaping spandex or buying a new pair of Nike’s encourages me to give my 110% at the gym. With summer just around the corner, here are some fitness fashion trends you’ll definitely want to check out!

Headbands are the perfect way to avoid loose strands of hair in your face while doing cardio or even in the weight room. My personal favorite is “Lucky Luon Headband” by lululemon. Although they aren’t cheap, (each headband is about $12), this moisture absorbing fabric is well worth it. The stretch Luon helps to keep your hair in place and pulls sweat away before it has a chance to run down your face. They are also washable so you are able to get multiple uses from just one headband. The Lucky Luon comes in various patterns and colors so matching your outfit will never be a problem.

While spandex leggings were all the rave during the winter, shorts are probably a better option now that the weather’s getting warmer. Under Armour’s new “Heatgear Touch Shorty” looks good and will keep you feeling good through out your entire workout. The ultra soft material removes all traces of sweat and dries faster than ordinary shorts. Also, the wide waistband sits perfectly on your hips preventing that annoying bulge or rollover.

If you haven’t heard of them, you’ve probably seen them. What are they? The infamous Nike Frees. Nike’s latest design is the closest thing to working out barefoot. The enhanced flexibility allows the wearer to maintain stability and actually increase foot strength. Not only are they comfortable, they come in a variety of fun colors and styles so finding one that fits your personality shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t like any of the colors offered in the stores? Not a problem, Nike also invites the option to create your own designs and color choices with Nike ID, a fun way to personally customize your shoes.

Whatever you decide to sport to the gym this summer, I encourage you to own it and give it your all. There are tons of fitness companies out there and if these particular styles don’t strike your interest keep looking until you find ones that do. Working out should be fun, not a forced struggle and if being fashionable while doing so motivates you as it does me, then so be it!