A Few Cover Letter No-Nos

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A Few Cover Letter No-Nos

Cover letters can be your best friend or your worst enemy. After reviewing several internships on the site, http://www.internqueen.com, you will notice that a good percentage of the employers on the site DO request cover letters from student. Here are some common mistakes that I will remind you NOT to do when you submit your cover letters for your dream internships:

1. DO NOT send the same cover letter to each company. Employers can easily tell a generic letter from a customized letter. Take the time to customize your cover letters for the specific internships you are applying for.

2. DO NOT forget to include information about the company you are applying for. Your cover letter should illustrate that you have knowledge of the employer, incorporate some of their buzz words from their mission statement and company goals. Show that you are familiar with the company and that you have put time into your application.

3. DO NOT write the wrong name on the letter. Please do not send a cover letter that is addressed to "Warner Music Group" to the people at "Seventeen Magazine". Watch what you send out. That is a quick way to let an employer know that you are sending out generic cover letters in bulk.

4. DO NOT explain your family "trauma" in your cover letter. You want to explain who you are, what position you are interested in, and what personal & professional characteristics make you the perfect candidate for the job.

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