A Few Pointers On The Fashion Biz

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A Few Pointers On The Fashion Biz


Q: My name is Christie. I am currently a Sophomore in the Rutgers Business School. I am extremely interested in combining my knowledge of business with my extreme interest in Fashion. The combination of the two is my main interest and am very excited in the fashion world!  What should I do next?

- Christine, Rutgers Business School

A: Hi Christine!

Thanks for writing in. I think its great that you are interested in the fashion business. An internship would be a great first step for you to gain experience in the field and determine what your focus might be within the industry. The good news is that no fashion label is run without a business side to it. When applying for internships, I would indicate on the cover letter that you are specifically interested in the business side of things. When asking contacts and potential employers about opportunities, make it known that you are specifically interested in the business side. These might not be the most common types of opportunities, but they certainly exist.

Make sure that you are constantly speaking with your career center at school. You are fortunate to be attending school so close to several metropolitan areas. Your school will have solid relationships around town and you want to make sure to take advantage of these.

I would also check out the local fashion scene and try to set up general meetings with local designers to learn more about how they run their labels and collections.

There are several opportunities on InternQueen.com as well for fashion - check 'em out!


Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"