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Fierce Fashion Blogs

This blog is written by Jackie, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Even the most fashionable people need some inspiration every once in a while. Here are a couple fashion blogs to help you out of a fashion funk:

1. Lookbook - Where better to gather fashion inspiration than from hundreds of girls and guys worldwide? (European fashion, anyone?) Here users can “hype” up looks they see, and the most popular ones land themselves higher up on the home screen.

2. College Fashionista - My favorite thing about this site is that it registers on-campus trends. Your school likely has a few “style gurus” that blog about fashion and beauty here - and if not, call up Amy from the site and let her know you want to be a guru! I love that each post is written by students, giving the website a unique, campus-y tilt.

3. Refinery 29 - With markets in LA, Chicago, San Francisco, D.C. and Miami, Refinery 29 covers markets all across the board - er, USA. Offering more than just fashion advice, R29 covers news about celebrities, art & culture, dining and more, in addition to shopping tips and - my favorite - DIYs.

4. Cheetah is the New Black - I’m not afraid to hide my love for cheetah print or Alicia, writer of Cheetah is the New Black. Every outfit she is photographed in is spot-on, at least for my fashion taste. She has recently started a Friday column where she features some uber-affordable (less than $25) items - perfect!

5. The Man Repeller - To me, the Man Repeller is the queen of offbeat fashion. I don’t have the guts to wear a lot of the stuff she does - but I love looking at it.