Fighting Stress At Your Internship

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Fighting Stress At Your Internship

Let’s face it, even though we work hard on not getting stressed, our lives are filled with it. Personal and professional challenges leave us no other option but to build up on it until it’s almost virtually impossible to move our necks (at least that’s how it goes for me). Well, I have finally found a few ways to fight stress and reduce its impact on my health. Give these a try:

-                Can we all say together, EXERCISE: yes, good. Moving your body and strengthening your muscles does good to your stressed mind and body.  I was never a fan of going to the gym but soon I found how good it made me feel; and looking better always boosts your self-esteem, this consequently will make you see that you ARE ready to face what comes.

-                Eat wisely: my dear mother is a dietician and as the rebel I used to be, I rarely followed her advice. But now I am all about a balanced diet. Notice I don’t actually follow a ‘lose weight but then gain it all back’ diet; I simply eat less and I’m ‘smart’ about. I include more veggies, fish, fruits, and grains everyday and allow myself to eat not so healthy things once or twice a week (but always smaller portions).  Eating healthy improves your body and mental aptitudes. You feel lighter and ready to run around to do everything you got to do.

-                Sit and think: don’t run away from your problems. Face them. First do this in your mind. Think about your stressful problem and then imagine a way out of it or see yourself overcoming this situation. Imagine whatever you want, motivate yourself with this thought and soon you’ll overcome it. Trust me, I’ve been doing this since FOREVER and it has always impulse me to do more and it helps to reduce my fears and problems to just memories. Believe in yourself. Think about all the things you have already accomplished and you will realize how silly it is to think you can’t deal with this.

Keep it up. You will survive this summer internship, wait, no… you will ROCK this summer internship! Have fun chicas!