Final Exam State of Mind: 5 Tips to Beat Final Exams and the Stress That Comes With Them

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Final Exam State of Mind: 5 Tips to Beat Final Exams and the Stress That Comes With Them

This blog was written by Bianca, our campus ambassador from Belmont University!

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, the stress of final exams is making its way into our lives. It’s often hard to focus in college with all of the activities and events happening around campus, so it’s even harder to sit down and study for final exams in every single one of your classes! There are those classes where you can sit down and study the night before and still get a great grade, but with final exams, that’s most likely not the case. Read on to get some tips about how to study for finals the right way and how to prevent yourself from stressing out.

1. Start studying early

The great thing about college is that you typically know your test schedule at the beginning of the semester. Since you know when your final exams are going to be, why not start studying now? Spend a little time each day on each of your classes, and you can slowly but surely start preparing yourself.

2. Give yourself incentives and goals

It’s hard to stay driven and focused while spending the whole day studying, so give yourself a reward for all of your hard work. Plan a period of time for studying, and once you’ve met that time, reward yourself however you’d like, whether it be with a meal out with friends or just some fun free time. Find something that can serve as your light at the end of the tunnel, and you’ll be more likely to keep chugging along!

3. Get lots of exercise and sleep

If you want to be in your peak studying mode, it’s important that you get lots of sleep. You’ll have a much easier time focusing and retaining material if you’re well rested. Exercise is a great way to keep your mood up and release stress. Allot time each day to be active and let your body break free from the confinement of a desk in the library. Your body will feel better, and overall, you’ll be in a better mood.

4. Prioritize your studying

If you’re like me, there’s that one class you can’t stand, and you’d rather study for every other class before you even crack open the book for the other. As frustrating as it is, it’s important to prioritize your studying and study in the order of the final exam dates. Don’t spend all your time studying for your last final when you have another challenging one up first. Your studying should match up with your final exam schedule.

5. If you’re studying together, make sure you’re really studying

Study groups can be a highly effective means of studying, because each student has their knowledge that they’ve gathered from the course and the professor. However, study groups can also turn into social groups. If you want to form a study group, make sure you and your group members are committed to study for the exam and aren’t going to turn it into social hour.

Final exams can be scary and stressful, but if you plan ahead, prioritize, and take care of yourself, they’re an obstacle you can feasibly conquer.