Finals Survival Kit

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Finals Survival Kit

This blog was written by Emily, our campus ambassador from Chapman University!

If you&re currently about to dive into finals like me, you might be constantly searching for that perfect way to study. Now I&m not saying this will work for everyone but this is my finals remedy.

1) Coffee: I have to admit I&m already a caffeine addict anyways but during finals, that daily soy latte becomes three daily soy lattes. I find that caffeine helps me focus and keeps me going through those long study hours.

2) Snacks: I&m the worst with snacks. My fridge is currently empty but I always make sure to eat something. My favorite study snacks are bananas, blueberries, Trader Joe&s Mediterranean Hummus with blue corn chips and my guilty pleasure, Kettle Sea Salt and Vinegar chips. I also find myself making tons of salads right now which are a healthy option too!

3) Music: here are the playlists I&m using for study music...there just the right amount of mellow and upbeat...enjoy!

4) Environment: try to not study in bed or in your favorite place because then you&ll have no where to escape to when you&re done studying. I frequently go to Starbucks or another local coffee shop with free wi-fi to get my work done. I&ve found it to be way more effective. If the library works for you, go for it! Just pick a place strictly for studying!

5) Clothing: dress comfortably! This is not the time for a fashion want to be able to be comfortable when studying so you can study better and longer!

Grab your beverage and snack of choice and some headphones then head to your ideal study place to zone out and prepare to ace those finals!

Good luck and happy holidays everyone!