Find Out What's In My Internship Bag

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Find Out What's In My Internship Bag

Hi Everyone,

I know my workbag video (the older one) is the most popular video on my Youtube channel. With summer internship season being here, I wanted to make an updated version. For this video, I partnered with our friends at DIVACUP.

*Women! If you aren't familiar with DivaCup, it's an alternative to tampons and pads. It can be worn for 12 hours (AN ENTIRE WORK DAY). When it comes to preparation, try it out - it's really key!* I hope you enjoy watching what I pack in my internship bag (and for me - my work bag). I know it's a lot (trust me!) but I always like to be prepared. My bag is my secruity blanket - especially when I'm running around a big city.

Some other things I packed in bag were my favorite See Jane Work Portfolio, a water bottle, sneakers (I hate walking around in heels), makeup bag, extra pens, a notebook, snacks (Lenny & Larry's Cookies), Dry Shampoo, and more. We posted the video a few days ago and viewers are already pointing out what I forget - HA. And the best part? They are right! I forget headphones and gum and deoderant - AH! So funny! 

In case you were wondering, the bag is by Rebecca Minkoff. I hope you enjoy the video and please comment to enter the $100 giveaway.

Here's the video link to watch my new What's in my internship bag video!