Find a Perfect Balance Through Interning On Campus

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Find a Perfect Balance Through Interning On Campus

Andrea Teggart was an Intern Queen intern for Summer 2010 and is now an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador. 

Interning on-campus allows you as a student to take classes, but work as an intern. These internship positions can still be AMAZING experiences, and end up being very convenient! There's no need to look for a sub-leaser, no need to stress out about how to get to your first day of the internship, no need to worry if you'll be able to graduate on time. YOU know your own campus so well already and interning while in school gives you the perfect balance of schoolwork, internship experience, and opportunity.

Many on-campus internships are PAID, which means you aren't draining your bank account and you are at least getting some sort of income. A lot of internships in larger cities with larger companies aren't paid, plus you are paying to move there, etc. so interning on-campus is a financially wise choice! Also, many college students are looking for a part-time job while in school and can intern instead. This is giving them real-world experience that relates to what they want to do long-term after graduation.

There's different ways to intern on-campus as well. Most schools have on-campus internships available for students through different academic departments. I'm interning on-campus this spring with the Ohio University Alumni Association and will be interning 20 hours and taking classes simultaneously. I have a few friends who intern with Dining Services as a design and marketing internship. I also know that sometimes different student organizations have internships available for students who are looking to get more involved.

Another way to intern on-campus is with an outside company or organization. Right now, I am an on-campus intern/campus representative for MasterCard's Are You Credit Wise? financial literacy campaign. Interning with an outside company lets you "run the show" at your own school and tailor the job or task to your own campus and your own community. I have a good friend who has interned  on-campus at OU working for Universal Pictures for the past three years! She mentioned to me that she liked interning on-campus because she isn't forced to compromise her schedule and her internship hours can vary and change on a week-by-week basis. That's what I've appreciated with my current internship: schedules are crazy and plans change, so it's AMAZING that the internship fits around my own schedule.

Another quick reminder about on-campus internships; a lot of them allow you to intern for a longer period of time. That means MORE experience for you. My friend who works for Dining Services has been a design intern since freshmen year and has the job until graduation. She has the perfect balance of schoolwork and internship hours and keeps building her portfolio with design work produced in class and also with her internship!  The experience she is getting from her internship correlates perfectly with what she is studying and will only make her more marketable after graduation.

Learning the value of interning on-campus while in school is a great lesson to learn and opportunity you don't want to pass up. Contact your university's Career Services Department, financial aid department or your academic advisor to look up internship opportunities for you! Also, start researching companies that will allow you to be an on-campus intern or campus representative. Intern Queen is a great resource with many companies posting virtual internship opportunities that allow you to intern while in school! Interning while in school gives you a perfect balance of classes and work; good luck in your on-campus internship search!

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