Finding my Campus Ambassador Replacement

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Finding my Campus Ambassador Replacement

This blog is written by Silvia M. our Campus Ambassador at Ithaca College. She is studying Integrated Marketing Communications and will graduate May 2013. She hopes to ultimately work for a Public Relations firm specifically involved with entertainment or fashion. Currently interning at the Downtown Ithaca Alliance a non-profit focused on promoting events to the Ithaca area.

Going away for the spring!? Well, I am! Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity college’s offer, and an experience of a lifetime from what I’ve heard (and trust me I’ve heard a lot). When going away there are so many things you have to take care of before you can grab your passport and board the plane. My most recent responsibility is finding a replacement campus ambassador. As I need someone to spread the Intern Queen love in Ithaca while I&m in Rome doing so.  I’ve created a 3 step program to decide who will hold down the fort, while I’m discovering Roma!

  1. Meeting all the candidates.
  2. Asking them to write a blog, and seeing if it’s InternQueen potential.
  3. Figuring out logistics, what year are they? Will they be here in the fall?, etc.

I think when meeting the candidates it’s important to see what they know about, how they’ve benefited from the site, and what will make them a great member of the internqueen team. I look forward to this process and I’m so excited to so many people took interest.