Finding Your College Niche

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Finding Your College Niche

This post was written by Michelle Tarangelo, our Campus Ambassador from Florida State University.

For some people, it happens as soon as they step foot on campus. For others, it doesn’t click until they are upperclassmen. For me, I found my college niche sophomore year. I spent all freshman year making new friends who had all different interests. It wasn’t until fall of my sophomore year that I decided it was time to get involved with organizations within my school. I went to an embarrassing amount of club meetings until I found where I belong.

The organizations on campus that I am now a part of are:
- Florida Public Relations Association Student Chapter
- Advertising Club
- Collegiate Merchandising Association

These organizations have made me friends for life, taught me invaluable experience, and given me opportunities I would have never even heard about had I not gotten involved. My school involvement is more to me than just a resume and unlimited opportunities. To me, finding my niche was what made me feel at home away from home. Getting together with the friends I have made and talking about our dreams and aspirations makes me feel grounded and continuously motivated. There are people like all of us at every school; it’s just up to you to find them!