Finding Your Perfect Job: The Role of a Career Counselor

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Finding Your Perfect Job: The Role of a Career Counselor

Thanks to our SUNY Cortland Campus Ambassador, Korrie Olszewski for this blog!

My best friend from college is in graduate school for career counseling. The role of a career counselor is very interesting. There are different levels of un-decidedness that people have and the role of the career counselor is to assess that and then to help people make and carry out decisions and plans related to life and career directions.

If you are applying for jobs and identify yourself as being: a.)Undecided; b.) Have an idea of what you want; c.) Know exactly what you want, but don’t know how to get there; or d.) Have no idea; then seeking a career counselor can help direct you in the right path to reach your full career potential. You can find a list of career counselors online, in the yellow pages, or your college career counseling office. Your college might offer certified counselors on campus for you. Make sure the counselor you choose is National Certified Career Counselor.

Many people have misconceptions about career counselors or don’t really know that they exist to help you find a career choice that is realistic for you and coincides with your preferences. Here is a basic explanation of how career counseling works:

1. The intake-interview process

This is where the counselor is able to learn a great deal about the client and gain an understanding of many aspects of the client such as their likes, morals, values and capabilities.

2. Use assessments and personality tests to help you find a job.

Assessments and personality tests help you to recognize your interests, values, personality characteristics, and skills and can be used for self-analyzing so that you understand yourself more in depth and the counselor can guide you in the right direction.

3. Understanding what well rounded is and how to get those experiences.

Just like when you were applying to colleges, companies also look for the “well-rounded individual”.

4. Make sure you are searching for jobs that coincide and match who and what you are as a person and your needs

The career counselor takes into account if you have the drive and interest for the job you are matched with (based on the skill set) so that your performance will be at optimal level.