Five Easy Ways to Get Involved on Campus

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Five Easy Ways to Get Involved on Campus

Today&s guest blog post is from one of my current campus ambassadors, Jenna. Jenna is a junior at Michigan State University, majoring in communications & specializing in public relations & health promotion.

I’m sure we have all been told this many times but these are the days of our lives. College is a very fun experience and we have an unlimited amount of opportunities available to us.

As I finished up this semester at Michigan State University, I sat down and realized that I only have a year of college left. Time honestly flew by. It feels like just yesterday I came to MSU as a freshman and had no idea where I fit in, let alone what I wanted my major to be. Getting involved on campus early and often really helped me these past few years.

Getting involved helps you gain new experiences, meet new people, network, and have plenty of fun. All of these things can really help you to excel in your future!

So if you are looking to get involved on your campus, here are some pointers:

1. Find what you enjoy. Before you go any further, you need to figure out what you are looking for when getting involved. It could be that you are looking to make friends, build up your resume, gain new knowledge, or simply to have fun. Every reason is a good reason, and this will really help to narrow down your search.

2. Search your school’s website. Most Universities offer a wide variety of groups to get involved in on campus. The list can sometimes seem to be endless with opportunities for you to get involved. Don’t be afraid to go to meetings just to try them out. If you aren’t comfortable in a group, that’s alright because there are plenty more that may be the right fit for you.

3. Go Greek. Pledging to a house guarantees that you will be meeting plenty of new faces that will potentially become your life-long friends. The Greek community is known for philanthropic as well as other events. So if this is the right choice for you, be committed to your decision and enjoy it.

4. Look for groups in your major. This can be one of the most helpful things to do. Joining a group that is related to your major can help you network with people for future jobs and/or internships. It also helps you meet people who you will probably be having classes with your entire time at college.

5. Ask your friends. You may be surprised to find how many groups your friends may be participating in. Go ahead and tag alone, this may just help you discover what activities or groups are appealing to you.