Five Internships to Jumpstart Your Career

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Five Internships to Jumpstart Your Career

With summer approaching, students everywhere are either graduating or traveling back home for summer break. You, however, are applying to the internships of your choice in order to gain experience, build your resume, further develop your LinkedIn profile and build the network that will allow you to land your dream job.

A great internship allows students to find out what their interests are. In the end, the more passion you show during your internship, the more likely you are to get hired. If you’re struggling to find a decent internship, here are a few popular choices that just might captivate your interest.

Warner Bros. Music Group
Located in sunny Southern California, the Warner Bros. Music Group internship program allows students to gain real world experience by shadowing industry professionals. This program is perfect for students who wish to pursue a career in the music industry, specifically in music production and talent development. Whether you’re a music major and guitar whiz, or even if you don't know where to start with guitar, this program adjusts to anyone who at least has the passion for music or talent development.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation
Although you may not recognize the program for their full name, The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation, you may have seen their acronym. The ATASF is a charitable arm of the Television Academy dedicated to using the artistry of television to preserve and celebrate the history of television. Centered in the middle of the motion picture and television industry in Los Angeles, the ATASF is most famous for producing and organizing the Daytime and Primetime Emmys. This program is most recommended for students who want to further develop expertise in film and TV production, direction, stage production, writing or sound production.

One of the most coveted internships in the world is located in the small town of Mountain View, California. As one of the largest corporations in the world and the most popular search engine, Google offers great opportunities to students who wish to obtain experience and possibly a job in the field of technical engineering. Google takes interest in students with experience and education in computer science, physics and math, but all students are encouraged to apply. If you want to be challenged, an internship at Google could be just what you’re looking for.

Rated number two in TechCrunch’s top rated internships of 2013, Qualcomm offers students a chance to work with seasoned mentors and get their hands dirty with real world projects. Based in beautiful San Diego, California, Qualcomm promises its interns a lot of one-on-one attention from their mentors and supervisors and promotes innovation among its staff, including interns. Qualcomm’s intern to full-time hire ratio is higher than most companies, around 60 percent! Qualcomm has internships across several departments and encourages students of all majors to apply.

Disney Corp.
Disney is one of the best known corporations in modern times. Known for its impact in several entertainment fields, Disney offers a wide variety of internships across several fields like animation, engineering, reporting, marketing, public relations, hospitality or management. Disney also offers hours of mentorship; the ability to network with top executives in the field and gives interns invaluable experience.

These are just a few internships that could help you begin your career with a bang! Of course, before you apply to any internship, be sure to read what it involves and what they expect from you. The last thing you want is to spend three to five months of your life in an internship program that isn’t a fit. Find your passion, find an internship that can help you make a career out of that passion and apply! You won’t regret it!

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