Five Quick Tips for Healthy Snacking

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Five Quick Tips for Healthy Snacking

This blog is written by Silvia, our Campus Ambassador at Ithaca College. She is studying Integrated Marketing Communications and will graduate May 2013.

Hope you’re keeping up with your New Years resolution to eat healthy. As students, interns, athletes or employees, we have very busy lives and in a college setting it’s easy to choose the quickest option that usually isn’t the healthiest! Below, are some tips on how to eat on the go in a healthy way.

1)     They always say having 5 small meals is better than having 2-3 large ones. So keep that in mind.

2)     Pre-package your snacks. Measure your food and pack them into small bags. This will help over indulging and will give you more variety.

3)     Eat colorfully. Pack carrots, almonds, grapes, celery, etc.

4)     If you’re really crunched for time, buy 100-calorie snacks. Usually, these snacks aren’t the healthiest but you know how much your having, which is key!

5)     Always keep yogurt, power/granola bars, and fruit around in your dorm/apartment. These are easy snacks that will keep you satisfied until your able to have a meal.

I hope these tips will help you during your busy day. Remember, only snacking isn’t healthy, but it will help you from overeating when you sit down for a meal.