Five Reasons to Join Group Exercise

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Five Reasons to Join Group Exercise

This blog was written by Gabriella, our Campus Ambassador from Quinnipiac University. You can follow Gabriella on Twitter @gabberzgirl.

Bikini season is sadly over, but that is no reason to give up on your fitness routine! As the cold weather creeps in, it is easy to lose your motivation to hit the gym. A great way to stay determined is to join group exercise! Here are five reasons to join today:

1) The challenge. Working out with a group of people can serve as a healthy competition. Why not use others to challenge yourself? If a woman in your class has those killer arms that you desire, purposely sit next to her and try to match her pace. It’s a great, easy way to motivate yourself!

2) The structure. Do you ever walk into the gym and have no idea where to begin with your workout? Group exercise can fix that dilemma. Each class has a specific structure, and instructors provide exact directions on how to complete certain moves. You’ll no longer feel clueless when holding a pair of dumbbells!

3) The ideas. Does your busy schedule not allow you to attend as many group exercise classes as you'd like? Have no fear! Attending simply one class a week can be much more valuable that you think. The beauty of group exercise is that you can take specific moves you learned in class and insert them into your daily individual workouts. Eventually, you will become an expert on your own.

4) The expert advice. Group exercise instructors are certified professionals. While personal training can become costly, group exercise provides the professional instruction without the added cost. Having someone tell you to work hard encourages you to take your fitness to the next level. Instructors also ensure your health and safety by teaching you how to execute moves correctly.

5) The payoff. Trying something new challenges your mind and body. A good group exercise class will show you how to work your body properly, and the payoff will be worth the sweat and struggle. In no time, you'll have a body that everyone else in the class envies.
With names like "piloxing," "TRX," and "cardio bootcamp," group exercise can undoubtedly appear intimidating. However, take the challenge today and try a class! You never know, it could become your new favorite way to workout. Another added benefit? You can make it social and bring your friends!