Five Things Every Intern Needs to Rock the Task!

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Five Things Every Intern Needs to Rock the Task!

This blog is written by Nina, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador at Erasmus University in The Netherlands! Nina has traveled all over the globe!

Even international campus ambassadors need a little help. Here are five items Nina never goes to her internship without:

-       Two alarm clocks

The snooze button and I have a love-hate relationship. I always set my alarm to 15 minutes before I need to get out of bed so I can slowly start regaining consciousness – yes, I’m a very heavy sleeper. Unfortunately, this snooze button sometimes keeps on going for so long that I wake up half an hour later or I accidently turn off the snooze and continue sleeping, which is every interns nightmare. To avoid ever having to be late for my internship I set an extra alarm clock. I put this alarm clock as far away from my bed as possible, so there is no way I can snooze without actually getting out of my bed. It works, it’s a charm and you’ll never have to worry about oversleeping.

-       A good nights sleep

You need to be well rested at virtually anything you want to do well and this definitely includes your internship. My university schedule in The Netherlands was much different than the ones I had at my internships – in university I have class around three times a week, and usually those start around noon. Going from months of sleeping in to waking up at 6AM every morning and working until 5PM is quite the change in routine! If you want to be well rested and active throughout your work you really need to sleep well, and long enough.

-       A positive attitude

I’ve learnt that a positive attitude at work makes everything you do only so much better. My internships require a lot of energy because the advertising world is fast-paced and there’s always something going on! If you have a positive attitude then you’ll deliver better results and your co-workers will enjoy working with you that much more. Remember that people are stressed out at work: if you have a positive attitude then it’ll rub off on your colleagues.

-       Google

The expression “let me Google that for you” didn’t come out of nowhere. Before starting any task at my internship, I make sure to Google all of the things I don’t really understand and ask for help if I still don’t understand the details. Many of these things include certain new terminology, clients’ company profiles or extra information you need for a project. Make sure you know how check whether the sources are credible and whether you’re getting the correct information because many things on the Internet aren’t always right.

-       A pen and paper

I always have a pen and paper next to me at my internship so I can jot down notes about everything – even if it doesn’t seem important because it might be later on. I used to think that I’d remember everything being said, but its pretty common to forget the details after a while. Taking notes is great because you can come back to ideas you had a few hours ago and you won’t forget about anything that you needed to do.