Five Ways to Impress Your Boss!

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Five Ways to Impress Your Boss!

This guest post comes from our Fairleigh Dickinson University Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Ryan Olexson. Ryan is a senior Hospitality major.

As an intern, you constantly have to make yourself stand out. This can be hard to do especially if you are working in an office full of interns who seem to know what they’re doing. There is still hope, if you can remember these five little things, making an impression is not as hard as it seems.
Five ways to impress your boss:

1. Take initiative- By creating your own work when you have some down time in your internship, you will really blow your boss’s socks off! It can be as simple as reading up on the company and learning more about its history and how it got to be where it is today.

2. Be Positive- Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, so be the one to motivate and inspire your co-workers. Choosing to opt out of employee gossip at lunch and not getting involved in work drama are two great ways to start.

3. Ask Questions- Asking questions not only help you understand your tasks and projects, but shows your boss you’re interested in the work your doing.

4. Offer your ideas- If you have ideas at a job, you should always present them to your boss. Little things you think of, may impact the company in a big way. Don’t be shy! You may have a great idea and even if you don’t, your boss will appreciate your efforts.

5. Be Personable- Take the time to get to know your boss. Asking questions like “how was your weekend?” or “Did you have a good time on your vacation” show that you care. These little conversation starters allows you to feel more comfortable with your manager. This also allows your manger to place more credibility in you because they know your personality. Making those lasting connections could end up helping you in the long run.

You don’t need to over- achieve every minute to make an impression. Sometimes just thinking of little things, voicing your ideas and being personable allow others to see you as a valuable team player and someone of interest when it comes time to find your first job after graduation.