Five Ways to Make the Most of Everyday Tasks

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Five Ways to Make the Most of Everyday Tasks blog image

Five Ways to Make the Most of Everyday Tasks

This blog was written by Amanda Gallucci, a Campus Ambassador at Providence College. She is a Senior English major and Business minor. Follow her on Twitter @agalluch.

Don't fall into a trap of becoming too comfortable with a routine at your internship. Use these tips to push yourself to make the most of even the smallest opportunities.

Email: checking email can be a huge time waster, but you can also make yourself stand out in a huge way. Being prompt and professional is key. If you stay on top of your inbox, you can be the first one to volunteer for projects that are emailed out.

Blog or research: when you're collecting data or checking out trends on blogs, go above and beyond by taking notes and typing up a short study guide. Share with the other interns or even the whole office. You'll learn more, retain it, and help everyone else along the way.

Social media: I know so many interns who are currently in charge of their company's social media campaigns. It can be easy to wind up mindlessly clicking through Facebook and Twitter, admit it that's what you're used to doing in your free time, so make sure you're using a document or tool to keep yourself on track. Typing up an Excel spreadsheet with people on social media who you find influential in your industry or another with notes about what competitors are doing in the social space can be extremely valuable to your employer.

Errands: the coffee run seems to be the most dreaded of intern tasks, but getting coffee, office supplies, or anything else you're asked for can be turned into a great opportunity. Get to know your boss and coworkers by actually offering to get coffee with them and getting to know them on the way. Tell them what you're learning and ask questions that show you're genuinely interested.

Observation: sometimes sitting in on meetings can be really exciting, and other times it can just be monotonous. So, before you head into that meeting, set a goal of learning at least one new thing and try to ask one really good question at the end. The persistence and consistent effort will pay off.