Free Stuff on Twitter? No way…

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Free Stuff on Twitter? No way… blog image

Free Stuff on Twitter? No way…

Let’s be honest… who isn’t a fan of free stuff? I seriously get excited over the smallest little things as soon as you slap that “free” label on there. It could be a magazine subscription, a free bagel, or free samples of products, whatever! I love free, and Twitter makes it a little easier to feed my obsession. Here's how:

Talk about Companies… a lot
Companies have gotten the hint that we are all on social media, and are making active efforts to engage us. There is usually AT LEAST one person who has a full time job to monitor and respond to all tweets even somewhat related to that company and representing their brand. Some companies do this better than others, but when consumer engagement is done well, it is incredibly impressive and beneficial to them and YOU! There are many companies that will offer up some free stuff if you know how to approach them the right way. For example, one of the companies I’ve had one of the best experiences with is @Chobani. I was casually chatting about my preferences for greek yogurt over Twitter with a friend of mine and said how I preferred another brand over Chobani. Within minutes, the Chobani twitter account tweeted me saying “We are sorry to hear that Brett! What can we do to win over your taste buds?” After I got over my initial excitement and told everyone, I replied to them with something like, “Well… a free case of Chobani certainly might help sway my vote *wink* *wink*.” They actually did it… I got sixteen free cups of greek yogurt and they got a new fan of their product. Win-win! If you want free stuff, it’s a smart move to follow your favorite companies and brands and start tweetin’!

Twitter freebies
Believe it or not, there are actually a few accounts you can follow on Twitter that tweet links to free things! Awesome… right? I know sometimes it can be a little tricky because you don’t know what’s legit and what seems a little sketchy, but here are a few I follow:
These accounts seem like they are pretty consistent and trustable and I’ve actually gotten some random cool little stuff through following these accounts! Many of these offers operate on the “first 1000 people to sign up” kind of policy so it helps to jump on them right away!

Hashtags and Giveaways
There are just so many ways to nab free stuff on Twitter! Another great way is to keep track of a few hashtags such as #freebies, #freebie, or #Twittergiveaway. There may be a bit to sort through, but every once in a while you can find a few results that actually turn up some pretty sweet things like Kindle and iPad sweepstakes! Some cool accounts I follow for giveaways are @Twitaway and @iLoveGiveaways. Personally, I also visit the TwitterFall website, which is a site that lets you view a constant stream of tweets related to certain hashtags and keywords, to help scope in one sweepstakes.

You never know what you’re going to get sometimes, but its’ fun just getting free stuff. I have scored a spot in the audience of The Daily Show, concert tickets, and a whole grocery list of completely random small things through using Twitter. I mean let’s be real… what beats free?

This blog was written by Brett S. Vergara, our Campus Ambassador from St. John Fisher College. Follow him on twitter @BrettSVergara