Friends At First Tweet

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Friends At First Tweet

Chandra Robrock is our campus ambassador from Florida State University. She is currently a public relations intern at Iconix Brand Group.

My name is Chandra but often times more people know me as @FSUfashiongirl. I have been a Twitter addict since the end of my freshman year in college but I never imagined all of the things I would gain from this social networking site. I have been given many wonderful opportunities on Twitter ranging from interning for Kara Ross NY’s social media department to writing guest blog posts for sites like Never in a million years did I think that I would actually meet people through Twitter that would instantly become my best friends.

In January, I found out that I would be interning for a fashion-based public relations company in New York for the summer – my dream internship! Of course, everyone who was planning on interning in NYC this summer could barely contain their excitement and tweeted obsessively with the hashtag #summerinthecity. As silly as this may sound, this one hashtag introduced me to two of the greatest girls I have ever met.

I met up with Katie (@k_sully25) during my first week in New York. She tweeted me asking if I wanted to go to the Alexander McQueen exhibit with her on Saturday. We met & had an absolute blast! A few days later, Kim (@KimJPerry) tweeted me saying that she didn’t know too many people in the city and that we should hang out sometime. I invited her out with a few of my friends (including Katie) to dinner the following night. Katie arrived a little later and when she saw Kim she immediately said, “You look really familiar… do I follow you on Twitter?” Everyone else in the group must have thought we were crazy but it’s true, the three of us had been “following” each other for months & hit it off as well in person as we did online.

If you are interning in a different city where you don’t know many people – or even if you do, feel free to reach out to people on Twitter. I didn’t find that meeting people from Twitter was creepy at all – in fact, I actually really liked it. It’s nice getting to meet new people who you would never have met otherwise. I guess you could say the three of us were “friends at first tweet.”