Gentlemen: It's Time to Upgrade from the Generic Black Suit!

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Gentlemen: It's Time to Upgrade from the Generic Black Suit! blog image

Gentlemen: It's Time to Upgrade from the Generic Black Suit!

This fashion blog was written by Andrew Gregor, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Hartford!

Men: Your office attire doesn’t have to be a bore. Depending on where you work, you can take your tired tie and your worn-down loafers and upgrade your work attire to high fashion. If I had a dollar for every man I saw dressed in a black suit on his way to work, well I could probably retire tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with a black suit, it’s a classic! But fashion is ever-changing and so should your wardrobe. Here is some fashion advice on how to stand out in the office:

1. The Tie Reinvented
I LOVE a fashion-forward tie. It’s simple and small enough piece where you can pull off almost anything. For a classic look go for the Burberry check silk tie. Feeling retro? Try a black bowtie: Sophisticated and elegant. If you feel a bit more daring, which I hope you are, go for bold colors and prints. An all-black outfit with a hot pink, bright red, or even a LEOPARD print tie is a sure way to becoming the most fashionable guy at the office.

2. The Blazer: Not an option but a necessity
If you have read my previous blogs, then you know that I would die without blazers in my world. Whether it’s at an internship, an interview or even out to lunch a blazer is a key piece in anyone’s wardrobe male or female. The classic black or blue blazers are beautiful but we can do better, right? Try my new must-have: The red blazer. It is perfect for the office as well as a night out downtown. You can rock this look by pairing it with black and white or tan and orange.

3. What time is it? Watch time!
I was never a fan of watches because I always looked at my cell for the time. Then, I realized that a watch is the main accessory for the office! There is nothing more professional and sophisticated than a great, shiny watch. My favorite look is an over-the-top shining silver watch. It’s an attention grabber and conversation piece!

4. It’s all about the shoe!
I find that most men are stuck wearing the same, old loafers to work. There is nothing special or interesting about them but they get the job done. That is NOT what fashion is about! A black patent-leather pointed dress shoe is an absolute must to your wardrobe. I have a pair from Steve Madden and I am obsessed with them! To change up your wardrobe even more, try a pair in tan or camel.