Get a Foot Up in Fashion

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Get a Foot Up in Fashion

This blog is written by Stephanie, our campus ambassador from Clemson University.

We all want to get that fashion internship of our dreams and hopefully we all will. To have a better likelihood of getting that internship, it is important to network and gain experience. This is obvious to us all. However, today there are so many interesting ways to do this.

Social Media: Believe it not, I got my first internship from Twitter! A designer used her 140 characters to ask for potential interns. I ended up interviewing and landing the position! None of the other interns in the office could believe it. This is why following all of your favorite designers, brands, and companies is extremely important. You never know when they’ll ask for your resume or teach you something valuable!

Virtual Internships: We are all busy at school and cannot intern during the semester. This is when virtual internships are a lifesaver. I’ve personally already had three of these. Most of the time, students act as campus representatives for some company and endorse their product. A lot of fashion brands offer these so keep a look out at!

Volunteering: It may not sound as fancy as an internship, but it certainly is just as valuable. Volunteering at fashion week is an incredible opportunity. I have volunteered for Charleston Fashion Week (which led to an internship!) as well as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. You can learn so much from these experiences and it shows other employers that you can handle the extremely fast paced atmosphere.

Also ask stores, designers, photographers, or anyone if they ever need a volunteer. Many times this could lead to an internship or job in the future. I once drove four hours to volunteer with a designer and stylist for the day during a photo shoot. Now they will forever be great networking for me!

Don’t forget to take every opportunity that comes your way! Keep an open eye and you’ll be surprised at what you will find!