Get Motivated!

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Get Motivated!

This blog is written by Silvia, our campus ambassador from Ithaca College.

As my first week of classes comes to a close, it is extremely difficult to get out of summer mode.  With nice weather, and the beach still an option it becomes easy to get distracted and lose focus on work. In order to stay on track and fulfill our responsibilities as students we must have motivation. Here are some helpful tips on how to find motivation, and of course keep it!

1)      Set a personal goal for yourself. Don’t make it so generic, think of something that would really make you happy once achieved.

2)      Be your own cheerleader. Don’t rely on someone else to encourage you to do your best.

3)      Reward yourself. Having something to look forward to will give you the extra drive to work hard.

4)      Last but not least, remember to stay motivated. If something isn’t working for you switch it up. Find motivation for different projects if needed.