Get Some Sleep Already!

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Get Some Sleep Already!

It’s vital for everyone to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, but this is especially true for busy college students. Easier said than done, but various studies detail how simply sleeping has numerous positive effects that increase your quality of life! Not getting at least 8 hours of sleep can make you more susceptible to strokes, heart problems, diabetes and depression as you get older.

Get a sleep buddy
This may sound silly, but it’s important to have someone with a similar sleep schedule. This will not only make you accountable, but it will give you a consistent support system. Tell your family and friends about this lifestyle change to make you even more accountable!

Take a break from technology
The sounds and visuals of television and computers are designed to stimulate your senses, which makes it hard to be tired or think about sleep. Try to limit your television usage to 2 hours a day, and take at least 1 hour before bedtime to detach from social media.

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Laura Notorangelo, a Business Communication major from Arizona State University. Her Twitter handle is @LauraNotor.