Getting Back Into the School Grind

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Getting Back Into the School Grind

This blog was written by Angela our High School Ambassador for ST. Pete High School. If you attend St. Pete High School and would like to blog for us, comment below.

It’s becoming more difficult to avoid all these little signs that summer vacation is coming to an end. The school supplies section has popped up in my local Target overnight; Tax free weekend advertisements have taken over the commercials and storefronts; and my bosses are starting to question “so what will your hours be like when you start school?” Time to face reality, I guess…

So, I’ve been pondering…How on earth am I going to balance everything when school kicks into gear?!? I mean two jobs, studying, sports practice, club meetings, writing for the local paper, internships, chores, and a healthy social life, what’s a girl to do? This girl right here has some prioritizing to do, and I’m betting you’re probably on the same boat as me. But, where are we going?

The best thing to do is to sort out all of your activities. What makes you happy? What looks best on college transcripts? What’s the most important? Once these questions are answered, you will be able to visualize how you want to sort things. Create a schedule that is fairly easy to stick to. I suggest buying a big calendar to hang up in your room where you can see it each day. On the calendar, mark down your work schedule, sporting events, tests and projects, or whatever else you need to schedule. This will help keep you organized each day and prevent stress from being flustered on time restraints or deadlines. This will be easy to manage because it’s likely your extra curricular activities have a set pattern to them. If you know soccer practice is every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8, then mark it; the same goes for work and clubs you are in.

This visual calendar is just one thing I recommend to help reduce stress and prepare yourself for the rigorous year ahead. And, keep in mind quality is better than quantity; in other words, being the captain of one team and president of a noteworthy club, is better than just being a member of five teams and 12 clubs.