Go Greek?

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Go Greek?

Today&s guest blog post is from one of my current campus ambassadors, Sarah Alderman. Sarah is a junior at Dartmouth College, majoring in psychology.

Receiving your college acceptance letter releases a flood of emotion, but the one that took over for me was a lingering feeling of agitation or in simpler words, cold feet. I remember a series of questions flooding my mind: why would I ever want to leave my friends, or my school? And how was I going to handle spending every waking second with my future roommate?

Well as always, the clock continued ticking and I was at college. As a recruited division I athlete, I was confronted with intense conditioning and practices starting at the crack of dawn until sunset. I barely had a spare second to think let alone contemplate if Dartmouth was the place for me. My first semester and first field hockey season flew by and I was in love with my college, my new home. My team became my comfort zone and I pretty much did not look beyond my 17teammates.

Sophomore year rolled around and I was confronted with the decision of whether I should partake in rushing a sorority. I moved to America from England my freshman year of high school and was unaware of what sororities had to offer. I decided to give it a shot but to be completely honest, I did not mind in the slightest if it worked out or not. I accepted a bid at Kappa Kappa Gamma. All I can say is this is the best decision I have ever made. If I am ever feeling down or just need a friend, I can turn to any one of my 36-count pledge class. When I walk around campus, I am bound to see a sister waving to me across the green or cafeteria. I have not only branched out from my previous 17 teammates, I have found my family.

KKG has not only provided me with friendships that I had never dreamed of, a family away from home, and a sisterhood of women I admire, it has opened doors all over campus. Through my sorority I am able to partake in community service every week, providing me with both extra time with my sisters, and a great way to boost my resume! This past summer, I was the social chair – arranging events with other sororities and fraternities, and this opened my eyes to my potential interest in event planning. But most of all, I never realized how happy I could be until I joined this sisterhood.

Through this glimpse into my college story, I want to explain what I have learned in the past 3 years: to go through life with an open mind; When faced with any decisions, from the smallest to the biggest, if you have any doubts in the slightest, just give it a shot.